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What is videoSense

VideoSense is a videotherapy model,  a complex of unique practices that connect various elements of the cinematic language - filming, sound recording, directing (documentary & fiction), acting and scriptwriting - to the world of therapy.

VideoSense is a unique way to understand the mind in detail and the tiny nuances that are beyond language. Video filming allows many possibilities of expression while making direct contact with reality.

The dimensions of sound, visual, motion, and the ability to document time are essential for understanding the inner world of people and also allow them to express themselves in tiny nuances, in a very similar way to the way they experience their reality. It also allows the therapist/educator/consultant an authentic and meaningful glimpse into the client's inner world.

It is suitable for both group work and individual work.


VideoSense adds a significant tool to the teacher's educational toolbox. It connects teachers and students in a new way, while actively learning. The students will learn how to listen, express themselves, create dialogue, mediate and resolve conflicts in a way that will change problematic behavior patterns.


VideoSence uses the client's awareness to the camera to motivate change. Clients know that they need to take action because they are filming or being filmed and it encourages them to do something new: to create, to confront, to be active in their reality, and to express themselves in a way they wouldn't do so if there wasn't a video camera present.


VideoSense workshop in an organization allows participants to gain a different perspective of their work environment - their colleagues, their work environment and their clients.  It gives them the opportunity to express with tiny nuances how they feel at their workplace.

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