Sarit Haymian, a professional filmmaker and photographer, has spent over 15 years using videotherapy techniques in therapeutic, educational and community institutions.

Sarit is one of the earliest pioneers of working with videotherapy in Israel, the founder and director of the Videotherapy Program at "The Open University of Israel" (a one year program for therapists, educators and consultants).

After many years of working in the field and understanding the great potential of the video camera as a therapeutic and a motivational tool for creating a change Sarit developed videoSense - a video therapy model.

Sarit lectures on videoSense at the Videotherapy Program at "The Open University of Israel", at the Israeli Videotherapy Program at "Maale" school in Jerusalem and also leads a unique course at "The Open University of Israel" for therapists using VideoSense in trauma situations.

Sarit specializes in leading workshops with marginalized populations (street youth, women with eating disorder, elders, normative adults, children with ADD and ADHD, women and girls who are orphaned from mother and youth with PTSD).

In her lectures and workshops Sarit teaches how to use videoSense to improve therapy practices, as well as how to use videoSense in non-therapy activities to stimulate personal growth and empowerment, activate social change and strengthen communities.

videoSense is used in schools, organizations and private clinics all over Israel.

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