what is videoSense?

VideoSense is a videotherapy model.

It is a complex of unique practices that connect various elements of the cinematic language - filming, sound recording, directing (documentary & fiction), acting and scriptwriting - to the world of therapy.

It is suitable for both group work and individual work.

It's a unique way to understand the mind in detail and the tiny nuances that are beyond language. Video filming allows many possibilities of expression while making direct contact with reality.

The dimensions of sound, visual, motion, and the ability to document time are essential for understanding the inner world of people and also allow them to express themselves in tiny nuances, in a very similar way to the way they experience their reality. It also allows the therapist/educator/consultant an authentic and meaningful glimpse into the client's inner world.


Working with videoSense

VideoSense focuses on the moment of filming - The feelings of the person behind the camera before pressing the record bottom, the feelings during filming and the feelings after, while observation, when he watches the raw materials, and then, the most important process of reflection occurs.

No prior knowledge in editing or filming is required in order to use VideoSense. we work with the raw materials, and their inner narratives, rather than the outside narrative and the manipulation that is created in editing.

It doesn't matter if a film is created at the end or not. What's important is the process of filming, observation and reflection.

However it is possible to use the materials of the practices for editing a film. Usually there is an inner narrative and a thematic narrative between all the person's conponents.

In the practices, VideoSense combines NLP - Neuro Linguistic Programming, NVC - "Non-Violent Communication", psychodrama, cinematherapy, phototherapy and body language analysis.

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